Auto Detailing

Car Detailing Service

We will make sure that your car will have its shiny color restored using premium techniques and materials to ensure it gets the service that it deserves.

Auto Detailing

The Goal Of Detailing Is To Restore Your Vehicle To Its Original Form And Have It Looking Brand New. Car Detailing Involves Poring Over Every Inch Of Your Vehicle To Remove Any Dirt, Dust, Grease, And Grime That Can Damage Your Car. Detailing is performed By A Professional Automotive Technician, Applying A Proven System That Uses Specialized Cleaning Agents And Equipment.

Our car detailing company in Qatar uses a fresh bucket of PH balanced soapy water to clean every car that we detail. We will make sure that your car will have its shiny color restored. Crestive uses Elite Details to ensure it gets the service that it deserves. With proper decontamination and expert polishing combined with superior cleaners will make your car stand out. We use Flex Buffers combined with high-end polish and wax to give your car that deep wet paint look.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing involves cleaning and bringing a shine to the car’s paint, chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires as well as all other visible components on the exterior of a vehicle. The three main components of exterior car detailing are cleaning, polishing, and protecting. Your car operates in an environment that impacts the quality of the exterior. The exterior is sensitive to a host of hazards such as road salt, pollutants, and bird droppings. Any and each of these elements can eat away at the cars’ metal, chrome, and paintwork.

It is not always obvious that regularly cleaning your car reduces maintenance costs. An important factor is a corrosion. When mud, dust, and other dirt build-up on the exterior of the car it stimulates corrosive wear. At best this leads to expensive exterior overhauls as the paint loses luster and at worst it can cause so much damage that the metal underneath the paintwork is exposed and rust develops. Repairing rust spots can be a very expensive mission and often involve re-spraying complete panels. Scratches and stone chips on the paintwork can also lead directly to rusting, so it is important to touch up any scratches or stone chips with matching paint which is usually available from dealers or specialist car parts shops. Detailing the exterior of your vehicle is to get down to the details of your vehicle exterior to make it shine. This is not a quick wash or wax service. Crestive offers different levels of exterior detailing, depending upon the age and upkeep of your vehicle. We make even the worst-case scenarios come out shining like new, and if your car isn’t in too bad shape, we can make the exterior of your automobile glisten like it did the day you drove it off the showroom floor!

Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing

Crestive cleaning provides you with the best Interior car detailing solutions in Qatar. We effectively clean your vehicle inside out, to get rid of all the dirt & grease that has accumulated with time, through special cleaning methods & equipment to ensure that we cover each detail in your car, with us your car will get the cleaning service it deserves & restore its original color and shine. With proper and expert polishing that will make your car stand out with its shiny exterior.

You spend a huge amount of time daily inside your car traveling to & from several different places, sometimes on your own & other times with your family, and you won’t be able to prevent the inside of your car from getting dirty. However, you can make it healthier & safer for you and your family, by having it effectively & thoroughly cleaned by our team. We take care of each & every detail after inspecting the car thoroughly to determine the techniques and products we will be using, and then we use various methods of car detailing to ensure that no damage may happen & to protect the fabrics and insides of the car.

We determine the time we need to finish the process by knowing the car type & model, type of fabrics, the last time it has been detailed, is it a family or work car, and so many other factors. All these help us in providing you with an accurate deadline & help us select the best method to later deliver you perfect results. With Crestive, you’ll maintain the life of your car with an exceptional detailing service company in Qatar.

Type and age of the vehicle

  • Condition of all the interior surfaces like the console, gauges, chrome, wood finish
  • Type, composite, wearing, cracking or damage to upholstery such as leather, vinyl and fabric.
  • Headliner
  • Seat belts
  • Carpets
  • Extent of stains
  • Source of odors

These factors help determine how much time, which processes are required and the tools and chemicals needed to effectively clean and condition the interior. This includes a thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and conditioning of all interior components and materials including headliner, dash, console, seats, floor-mats, carpets, map pockets, cup holders, vents, switches, and buttons. When you get your vehicle back, it will smell fresh, clean, dry and spotless.

Headlight Polishing

Headlight Polishing

Removes fading and yellowing of headlight lens. This service brightens and restores faded headlight to its original shine. There is no need to replace your headlight when it gets foggy or cloudy yellow. They can be cleaned and restored at a fraction of the price.

Engine Detailing

engine detailing

Your engine bay is bombarded with  lots of daily road grime, engine fumes, water, mud and other dirt that accumulates over time. Having a clean engine bay not only looks better, but it also prevents corrosion, and makes leaks and other problems easier to detect and pinpoint if repair is needed. We use both petroleum and water-based chemicals to safely clean the engine bay. In addition, an engine-safe wax is used to finish off the painted areas while the rubber hoses and parts gets treated with water based dressing..

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