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Kitchen Cleaning Service

We clean Kitchen items equipment Gas Stove, Ovens, Chimneys, and Refrigerators

Crestive Oven and Stove Cleaning Service

Cleaning the oven can be a challenging task, but there are many benefits that make it worth your while. Reduced energy bills are an excellent incentive to remove built-up residues and grease, as well as an improved taste of food cooked in a clean oven.

Crestive cleaning service aims to match your needs perfectly. For bigger kitchens, we usually send a couple of cleaners for the same time or more if needed. Our kitchen one-off deep cleaning is the perfect way to deal with the mess after a celebration at home or to ease your spring cleaning a bit.

Domestic kitchen cleaning

The oven cleaning procedure performed as part of the service does not include disassembly and dip tank. If you wish to have your oven deep-cleaned professionally by a specialized technician, please contact us.

  • Cleaning cabinets, counters, cupboards, and drawers
  • Tile and Grout cleaning
    cleaning of all existing white goods (fridge/freezer, oven, washing machine, microwave, etc.)
  • Sinks, splashback, taps, and all work surfaces
  • Removing cobwebs, wiping doors, frames, and light switches
  • Wiping the windows from the inside and outside (if reachable). The floor is either vacuumed or mopped as per its surface
kitchen cleaning service

Why Crestive Cleaning?

With over 3 years of experience as an agency for domestic cleaners, we know what you need when it comes to providing help with the housework. You can choose just the cleaning services you need or engage us for regular full housekeeping services.

Crestive Cleaning Service is here to give you back the time you need to maintain your lifestyle.

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