Disinfection Service

Disinfection & Sanitation Service

Now you can book professional antiviral Sanitization, Disinfection service for your home, office to reduce the risks of viral infection, such as COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

Specialist Disinfection Services Qatar

Please consider that to prevent the spread of infection and dangerous diseases, this service is carried out by technicians who do not exhibit any symptoms and have not traveled outside of Qatar in recent months. They also have protective gear to ensure your safety.

Also, coronavirus disinfection is a service that has 99.99% to remove the germs from all surfaces. But have in mind that it can’t protect the disease from spreading if you have sick people in-home or office.

Home Sanitising

home sanitation

Crestive services are available for both domestic and commercial properties. And now you can easily make a booking for your place. Especially, if your place has been visited by people who:

  • Show symptoms of being sick
  • Have traveled outside of Qatar
  • Have been in contact with sick people
  • Have a high-risk occupation


Office Sanitising

office sanitation

Our Services has developed a strategy, using the guidance from  COVID-19 Infection control training and Public health Qatar specialists to offer Coronavirus sanitization services for Offices, Companies, factories that have suffered from a confirmed case of the infectious virus or simply want prevention.

Car Sanitising

Your car is something you use on a regular basis if you are still not entirely home isolated. And while you are in the store or at work, even if you clean your hands regularly, you can get some germs on your hands. These germs can get on the car handles, steering wheel, gear knob, or seat belt.

Even if you are wearing gloves the germs will still be in those places. So we decided to help you out with a car sanitation service. Your car is safer now, disinfected and germ-free.

Why Crestive Cleaning?

Crestive cleaning services have quickly made its own place to be one of the lead providers of professional cleaning services in Qatar. Now, standing with over 3 years of experience and continually developing and going paving our own way through success.

We’re here to offer you a professional trusted service with exceptional quality, that allows you the chance to rest and use your time better without worrying about effective cleaning solutions anymore.

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